Espadrilles Lacets


The ultimate French espadrilles.

Originating from the Pays Basque, espadrilles used to be worn with laces, or “lacets” in French.

Signature double lasting, leather finishes and authentic lacing details.

Handmade in France by local expert artisans.


Couture, the French savoir-faire par excellence.

Driven by progress and rooted in tradition, couture mixes latest technologies with handwork to obtain the finest result possible.

Informal wear at its finest.

Based on principles instead of rules, the couture mindset uses this freedom during the production process to deliver a comfort and softness that cannot be
obtained with tailoring or shirting techniques.

Used in womenswear since the 19th century, couture has been adapted to menswear in a unique way by Lutays after years of research and development.

The final result offers a unparallelled experience in fit, quality and comfort.